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sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2011

11.9.2001: the aftermath

I am getting touched with this thing, so touched infact that even status is about it, other than the usual Monroe-stuff.
I was at a doctor ten years ago, me, and my mom were in the waitingroom, it had tv, it was open, (they normally do) and my moms first expression was something like "wow/ omg".
Many people lost their homes and many families lost members and it is saddening.
George W Bush was a total moron, who did not know anything about nothing.

I was in schock about it, I remember.
It was awful.
so many lost their lives and the double towers came down.

I am writing in english now just because I wanted to.
I miss Michael, Sammy, Karl, Dregen, Steve, Virpi, Nancie, Nancy L, Nancy M, Sheena, Jan, and every person in Rockclinic, I want to meet you guys.
November is a long way to go, luckily I have the Andy-show this month, to stop my season without gigs.

have a good nite.
I love you all.
the new reader, hey, nice to see you.
there are 9 of you now, I remember when there were 5 of you.
Nice to know that some people love me.


next time I will write in finnish, this was just for the 9/11-thing and mainly because I just felt like it.

I miss you <3.

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