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perjantai 29. marraskuuta 2013

My sobbingly sad life

I dont do fucking anything, but go to school and hate almost everyone in there an feel sad for things that are no longer anywhere. Now I could be on a gig, but instead I am listening Hugh Laurie reading stuff on Spotify and feel better than most of the day. I am bit sick and most of my sadness is caused by old shitty decision which I made because I was damn confusd. Reasons to skip a gig 1. I got hoarseness on my voice 2. I am almost sick minus the feaver. 3. I got no money for doorman. But I promised my FB-friends pictures from there. But I got the Monroe-show, that I have been waiting for entire autumn. I do not know why I decided to write in english or do this sort of random entry, but I did. Bye for now.

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